Film Studio DEBUT

Film Studio DEBUT was founded on the basis of the Film Concern MOSFILM in 1977.

The main goal of the Film Studio DEBUT is to provide young film directors, screenwriters, cameramen, artists and other representatives of cinematography professions with an opportunity to realise their creative projects on the screen.

Film Studio DEBUT produced more than 300 short feature, puppet and animation films. These films were created by famous film Russian directors who later received big appreciation in Russia and abroad: A. Kaidanovsky, A. Sokurov, A. Sirenko, B. Tokarev, I. Dykhovichny, Y. Mamin, S. Snezhkin, B. Todorovsky, B. Basov, N. Dostal, A. Khvan and others. The following famous Russian actors participated in creation of films-debuts: R. Bykov, S. Lyubshin, T. Pel’tser, A. Demidova, V. Gaft, V. Solomin, B. Tokarev, O. Basilashvili, G. Byrkov, G. Khazanov, V. Artmane, I. Akhedzhakova, L. Dyrov, S. Nikonenko, and others.

Films of Film Studio DEBUT participated and continue to participate in Film Festivals not only in CIS, but abroad in International Festivals, such as Berlinale and also in Festivals in Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Poland, UK and other countries and many of these films received honored prizes and awards.

Film Studio DEBUT has become an “alma-mater”, where the creative young professionals accumulate creative ideas, build plans for future, submit practical proposals on improvement of the basis and methods of film production.

At present Film Studio DEBUT works on several projects on creation of film almanacs on the basis of a numerous short feature films.

Film Studio DEBUT develops the program on restoration of films. DEBUT plans TV-film-video screenings and promotion of the collection of films to international markets and Film Festivals.

As a part of Film Concern MOSFILM, Film Studio DEBUT has a preferential right on use of all production complex of MOSFILM – new cine and video equipment for shootings; digital sound record system; linear editing; other new equipment.


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