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No cliche left out, no stereotype left unturned..., 16 October 2002
Author: mr Rowles (
from London, England

This series is dull, turgid, boring and predictable. painful, even.

It is almost like the directors are given this series to learn their trade, with no fear of discovery if they mess it up. After all, who would notice in the realms of day-time TV except students, senior-citizens and the unemployed.

plot threads are wafer thin, the acting is wooden to say the least, and I would defy any-one not to predict the outcome of every episode within the first 10 minutes or indeed the first mention of "Grrrr, there's nothing wrong with, cough, cough,...., me...cough, Doctor/Highly Trained+Qualified mobile Social Worker"

At best it serves as a free-range Extra's harvesting area for 'Casualty', 'Holby City' or 'Oh, look another abysmal and dreary Emergency Service (ahem)Drama'

At it's worst its just dire.

At least they've got rid of the juvenile hand-clapping on the theme tune, as that REALLY grates on the teeth.

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Oh, it's not so bad...,
8 May 2006
Author: owen_edwards from WGC, Herts, England (born Sandfly, Ga)

Yes, it's clichéd, and silly, and has dodgy camera work and sets reminsicent of Crossroads. I don't mind that much. Why not? Because of a few things. One, it is random daytime TV, light entertainment. Two, occasionally they manage to use the cliché that seems to appear in every episode (of the defiant visited patient) quite well. Three, there are/were some cracking actors in it, which outweighed for me the fact were/are some terrible ones. Mac himself, and previously Ben, were both played beautifully, and the gay one (who I do not know the name of) is done well.

So yes, it's okay. Don't be so harsh on it, guys! It must be said, all the females in it are played terribly and are ugly.

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wonderful show,
7 May 2005
Author: DouMarNutBle from United Kingdom

'Doctors' is one of the best shows currently on British television. most shows on at the minute have hardly any realistic storyline or a high quality of acting whereas 'Doctors' has all of those.

the interaction between the actors on the show is wonderful and you can almost see the bond between them especially Stirling Gallacher (George) and her on-screen husband Sean Gleeson (Ronnie).

wonderful story lines keep this show fresh and interesting, each episode throws up something different weather it happens to be a patient storyline or something to do with the doctors, there's always something going on that'll surprise you.

hopefully this show will run for many more years and bring joy to more people.

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Ela kay is the best looking woman on tv,
24 January 2003
Author: Samuel Caines ( from worcester, England

i just want to say this program is not the best in the world but they try. Plus my Mom loves it and she watches it everyday so leave it alone. Also anyone who has Ela Kay in their show deserves credit because she the best looking woman on tv. So leave it alone.

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5 October 2005
Author: kingdomcome from e u r o p e
*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

Right, telly muted, legs crossed, drink to hand, nimble fingers, frustration my fuel. (If anyone has a hat . . . hang on to it).

Reading the names of writers who have worked on this programme I am yet again struck with their inability to muster an original title for their stories!! Although they are in good company, all other BBC drama writers these days have the same problem. Examples: "A Day To Remember" - "Every Dog Has Its Day" - "What The Doctor Saw" - "No Place Like Home" - "Table For Two" - "For Better, For Worse" - "The Things We Do For Love" - "Stranger Than Fiction" - "No Pain, No Gain" - "A Night To Remember" - etc. How can they write their 'story' and reduce the title like this?

This programme is an example of the state of British drama in the last fifteen years. All the clichés are welcomed. Anything approaching complex is to be avoided. Simplicity they want. Simplicity we don't want. 'Rich conversations' what are those they may ask? Where is the good natured verbal fencing, articulation, phraseology? They need fascinating - extraordinary characters that cannot be found in other similar programmes. Good dialogue writers (with one or two exceptions) they cannot find said one of their assistant script editors. (Ms A) The 'didn't hold my attention' and 'meandered' excuses will exclude many talents that this programme NEEDS. The 'it didn't hold my attention' has never meant if it didn't hold YOUR attention it won't hold someone else's. Whose life, real or unreal, DOESN'T 'Meander'? Doctors rarely held my attention and that means it WILL/CAN hold many other people's attention. Far too much importance is given today to script editors who too often think along the most BASIC simplistic cut and dry ways when the writer is so DESPERATE for them to CATCH UP.

They are sent scripts that have many different styles of writing superior to this programmes. Patronizing these writers with, 'your style isn't compatible with the programme'!!!! - this from English Graduates who WANT to be writers - but haven't managed it! This cliché can ONLY be said IF the actual script was a Doctors script! not something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Script Editors take note. (Ms Anderton).

What doctor says, 'cool'! - The very peculiar way the doctors interact with one another has to be explained. When they are being SOUR which is most of the time or are away 'partying'!!!! they are presented/given the emotional make-up of teens - Why? ITV are now at the same thing - they cast ADULTS in roles which have DIALOGUE/EMOTIONAL MAKE-UP that is surely for teens? At least myself and perhaps many others can be thankful that this is one of the very few programmes that teenagers and twenty-somethings are not continually thrown at the screen.

As a viewer I am tired and irritated by these needless/endless close ups that this programme suffers from, like most of the other soaps do. So much of telly in this country has a sameness running through it, both technically and dramatically. Young  writers/producers/directors/script editors today need to be impressed upon to visit past GLORYS as often as possible. Years gone by where drama in Britain was 'really' SPECIAL. With the exception of American television writers, no one today now writing for British television can be said to be 'special'.

I read Doctors website several years ago, not sure if it still there, that 'they' can smell when a writer is using their programme as a stepping stone! I have to tell them, they cannot! In any case, they must change this statement. They need to look at their own background and ask themselves what they 'had' to do to get into television and THROUGH television. What ladders needed to be climbed, what stones needed the weight of their bodies. They will find that they too used stepping stones and will HAVE to continue to do so. They must also know that for the 'average' Doctors writer would/could not regard Doctors as any kind of permanent living without loyalties being split every which way. There was/is also reference on this site to the psychology of characters that comes across as pop psychology. Again and again these people (now in television) read and sound like keepers of How It Should Be Done. Too often you hear the text book examples when again, most writers have moved on from this. It will not do for 'English Graduates' telling professional writers How It Should Be Done!! I won't get an electrician to re-wire my house and ask a plummer to check the work. This is more infuriating tightening of the straitjackets around writers, till the poor writer ends up writing like every other writer in television. Their web statements partly prevented me from taking up writing for the programme. Can they be trusted with this outdated/unworkable thinking? Icky? It is sad that the people who are now the new generation of television producers, writers, script editors are doing 'less business' than ever. Those farthest away can see closer than those closest and until they stop their irritating BLINDED arrogance that lead people like me to ENJOY mirroring it, then they will soon be out of television. All the really talented people left television by the nineties. We all could name them, even those who disagree with the above, which SHOULD be all of you.

Watch Chicago Hope, as near perfection as. . .

"Nothing is so unbelievable that oratory cannot make believable." (I'm available. Find me. Cheek).


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